eTechHelp-Certified Systems Integrator For The InGate SBC

eTechHelp has over 35 years of experience in both traditional telephony systems (Key Systems & Pbx) and also in IT Networks allowing us to assist our clients in converging their IT networks and Telephone system infrastructure into one heterogeneous network.

By merging your voice, data, video and conferencing applications into one network, you can achieve maximum bandwidth utilization and in some cases effectively lower your operating costs as opposed to allocating bandwidth to each area of your infrastructure separately.

Since 2006 eTechHelp has been certified in the InGate SBC product line and can assist your company in either migrating from traditional to Sip based telephony assisting you every step of the way with our project management services.

If you need assistance with deploying any of the InGate products, please, Contact us for more information.